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Hope For Kids ʻElua


Based on its work with the Hope for Kids ʻEkahi Partners, the Foundation developed a long-term goal for Hope for Kids ʻElua: to increase the sense of hope in all children and youth in Hawaiʻi by ensuring access to quality ʻāina-based education. We believe that this supports a strong connection to community, positive feelings about oneself including a sense of achievement and belonging in a cultural context, a deep connection to the ʻāina and important life skills.

Elevating ʻĀina-based Education


The Foundation hopes to reach its long-term goal by demonstrating and elevating the value of ʻāina-based education by partnering with successful and sustainable community programs. In 2016, nine organizations agreed to work with the Foundation toward this goal over the course of five years, later extended to six years due to the global pandemic. The results of an initial pilot evaluation report and subsequent interim report prepared by Dr. Anna Ah Sam, highlight the work of our ‘Elua partners, shows their progress toward reaching the Hope for Kids outcomes as defined by shorter term indicators and highlights adaptations and changes made in response to COVID. A final evaluation report is expected following the end of the initiative.


Life skills through kalo cultivation

Natural Farming Learning Lab

Advancement of the local community

Traditional Hawaiian navigation

Working towards food sustainability

Increasing visibility and value for Hawaiian education approaches.

Dedicated to caring for He‘eia Fishpond

Mālama ʻāina based learning

A community resource bank in Hilo

News & Updates

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