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Humanitarian Relief


Providing humanitarian relief funding directed toward regions in the world that have limited capacity to address natural and other emergencies or disasters.

Relying on the Expertise of Partners


Since 2004, the Foundation has been providing humanitarian relief funding to two Partners working internationally – Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders. Initially, the Foundation's funding in this area was targeted to specific natural disasters but over time, we began to see that we needed to be more strategic and rely on the knowledge of our Partners to determine how best to use our funding. Today we provide rapid response funding for humanitarian relief in regions across the globe and preparedness support designed to develop the resiliency of an area so that when a disaster strikes there is readiness and the impact is less severe, all based on the expertise of our Partners.


Provides independent, impartial assistance to those most in need.

Aims to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children


Jennifer Garner Visits Transit Shelters at the U.S. Border with Save the Children

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News & Updates

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