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Field Building


Recognizing its role in supporting the field of nonprofit organizations, the Foundation supports nonprofit capacity building through an association of nonprofit organizations serving Hawai‘i and on occasion, supports new ways of getting capital to nonprofits, such as by promoting community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and by promoting impact investing strategies.

Crosscutting Work that Transcends Program Strategies


Seeing that there are times when we need to lift our focus beyond specific program strategies and consider crosscutting sector issues, the Foundation has developed a strand of work that we call “Field Building”. Whether it is addressing capacity in the sector through the work of HANO or learning with our colleagues about how to deploy our resources through the use of program-related investments (PRIs) and mission investing we feel we have an opportunity to deploy a portion of our grants budget for this type of work. Field Building is our newest area of endeavor and our most fluid effort as we are learning as we go. But not inconsistent with the rest of our work, we are engaging with Partners including those organizations with whom we have a funding relationship and other funders, whom we think of as colleagues.


Unites and strengthens Hawaiʻi's nonprofit sector.

Provides innovative financing, training and consulting services.

*Funding relationship was completed in 2019
Supports the people and organizations addressing Hawaiʻi's social and environmental issues.

Supports the positioning of ‘Ike and Hana Hawai‘i as a set of biocentric sciences and technologies.

A women’s leadership and peer learning circle.