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Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC)


Since 1991, The Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC), has been providing housing for low-income families on Hawaiʻi Island. Their mission is to assist low and moderate-income residents of the County of Hawaiʻi secure affordable housing. In the course of carrying out this mission, HICDC has been engaged primarily in two programs: self-help housing and senior rentals.

The self-help program involves land acquisition, financing, subdivision development, recruitment and mortgage qualification of families, securing sub-contractors, permits and working with families to construct their homes. The families work together under HICDC's terms and conditions of “sweat equity.” All of those who are helped by HICDC are first-time home buyers and are proud to have played a major role in building their home. The self-help housing program has developed more than 300 homes in 31 separate projects and has involved hundreds of self-help builders.

For low-income seniors, HICDC has completed rental units in six projects with a seventh project of 60 units nearing completion. This seventh project, the Mohoʻuli Senior Housing Project, is expected to be completed in late 2013 and is the first phase of an eventual 150 unit senior complex.

HICDC has an experienced staff that has been with the organization for many years and together with its Board of Directors combines a wealth of private and public sector experience.

For more information, please contact HICDC at (808) 969-1158.

Phase I (completed June 26, 2020)
Phase II (completed November 6, 2020)
Phase III (completed January 2022)

News & Updates

In November 2016, Foundation Board and Staff, along with the Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC), participated in a blessing of 12 acres of land in Pepeʻekeo on Hawaiʻi Island. This land would eventually become home...

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The third and final phase of Puʻuʻalalā Village, a homeownership project in Pepeʻekeo on Hawaiʻi Island was completed in January 2022. Ten families worked under the guidance of construction supervisor, Tyron Nicolas and the Hawaiʻi...

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As the Foundation completed its second affordable housing project for families, Puʻuʻalalā Village, led by housing development partner, Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC), the Foundation's board and staff reflected...

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Phase II of the three-phase homeownership project, Puʻuʻalalā Village in Pepeʻekeo on Hawaiʻi Island was completed on November 6, 2020. With the support of the Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC) and construction...

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