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Pacific American Foundation (PAF)


The Pacific American Foundation (PAF), is a native Hawaiian serving non-profit organization since 1993. PAF’s mission is to “improve the lives of all Pacific Americans through service with dignity, courage, humility, and competence.”

PAF has led highly successful and innovative education and leadership projects that has benefited over 150 schools, trained over 6,000 teachers and formed over 200 community and industry partnerships over a 30-year period including 21st Century After School programs in 17 Title 1 schools in Windward Oʻahu since 2018. PAF is also the owner of the Waikalua Loko Iʻa Fishpond a 400-year-old ancient Hawaiian Fishpond in the southern end of Kāneʻohe Bay. Restoration began in 1995 and has become the “piko” of the PAF ʻOhana and its many culture and stewardship- based programs serving Hawaiʻi and beyond.