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Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (HCF)


Capacity Building for Community Development Financial Institutions in Hawai‘i

In August 2021, Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation made a three year commitment to join the Kresge Foundation and several other local funders in supporting a capacity building project for six Community Development Financial institutions (CDFIs) based in Hawai‘i. Community development financial institutions are lenders with a mission to provide fair, responsible financing to rural, urban, Native, and other communities that mainstream finance doesn’t traditionally reach. They strive to foster economic opportunity and revitalize neighborhoods. The CDFIs participating in the capacity building project are:

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA)

Hawai‘i Community Reinvestment Corporation (HCRC)

Hawai‘i Community Lending

Hawai‘i Habitat for Humanity

The Hawai‘i Homeownership Center

Lei Hoʻolaha

The CDFIs receive both individual and mutual technical assistance to ensure they are able to compete for and receive a fair share of federal dollars available to support CDFIs nationally. By building the capacity of the six CDFIs, the project strengthens the local community investment ecosystem. Hawai‘i Community Foundation serves as the role of program manager for the project.